Guided Tours for a China holiday

the_great_wall-of-chinaTourists who wish to experience the thrill of visiting the Great Wall of China, Buddhist caves and temples of Tibet, or just soak in the scenery of the terracotta Army of Xian, should consider booking a hotel in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing. Several travel agencies offer packaged tours or without a guide. If you opt for the tour package with a guide, you will find that you will enjoy the experience better as you learn about the history and civilization of China as you revel in the natural beauty.

Select any one of the tour operators, such as China Travel service (CTS),, InfoHub or GAT China Vacation, who offer packages with a guide, at affordable and competitive prices. You will be met by your guide if you travel alone or in a group and they will also stay with you throughout the tour.  The travel agency takes care of your accommodation and itinerary of the tour. You will get first hand information on how to tip, use currency, get transportation, weather and temperature details and be cautioned on hygiene and health.

A popular package tour that many people opt during their China holiday is the 15 days guided tour where you get to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hong Kong and Guilin. The highlights are all covered, including a day trip to Suzhou to visit the beautiful gardens, art museums and a Li River cruise in Guilin. A guided tour that includes such an itinerary would cost around $2300 per person.

The states of Qin, Zhao and Yan erected the Great Wall the Great Wall of China as their defense structure. It was popularly termed “The Great Wall” only during the Qin Dynasty, when they decided to protect themselves from the Hans who lived in the north by joining the walls together.

Many historical facts come to light when you visit the place in person. The culture behind this Wall is explained. You learn that in Chinese symbolism and mythology, one part of the Wall was brought down by Meng Jiangnu. She was apparently distraught at the news of the death of her husband during the construction of this Wall. This legend is taught in textbooks and songs and operas are traditionally enacted around this story as people are made aware of their culture.

Tourists find that they can indulge in various activities when they undertake the tours of China. Some of these include Calligraphy and painting courses, Karting, Chinese tea discovery, Martial arts and hot air ballooning trips, amidst a whole range of other activities. You can get more information on things that you can do if you visit Passport to China.

China has a tropical climate too though many people are unaware of this fact though they know that the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong boasts of the renowned Repulse Bay.  Hainan is an exotic island in the Southern province that beach lovers generally find fascinating. While the land province of Hainan is small, the ocean province is the largest in China. Check out Sanya, which is located in the Hainan province and especially popular for its Yalong bay and the beautiful white sandy beaches of Dadonghai. Any travel & tour operator will be able to guide and assist you if you wish to take a tour of this tropical Chinese beach.

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